Replacement of Missing Dentition

  •  Bridges.  This treatment for the replacement of missing teeth bridges a gap after teeth are lost.  In order for a bridge to be placed we will prepare the teeth on either side of a gap to use as anchor teeth for the bridge.  The bridge is then bonded on to these abutment teeth.  Other options to replace a missing tooth are discussed below, including implants, removable partial/full dentures.
  •  Implants.  The best way to replace missing teeth is with Implants.  Placement of Titanium implants immediately after extraction or later and restoration on the Implants to replace missing teeth, Socket augmentation or bone grafting procedure.  The implant is placed in the jaw and is allowed to integrate with the jaw.  It is then restored with a crown.  Implant can also be placed to support dentures making the denture very stable, especially for the lower jaw.  Patients who receive implants feel as though they have their own tooth back.


Advantages of Implants over Fixed Bridges

Adjacent teeth are not sacrificed by cutting procedures.
Ease of maintaining hygiene.
Predicable and long lasting.


Other Options include Partial Dentures or Complete Dentures.